Registered for camp 2018

God bless your soul!  It is going to be crazy at camp.  There is going to be a plethora of activities lined up for you.  All you have to do i-z-z pay attention to the following announcements;

  • If you are proficient in any musical instrument- Wala! its your chance to showcase your skills at camp.  Bring your instrument and contact Mrs MUZA ahead of time for scheduling.  Don't even say we did not tell you!
  • Kids, kids, kids, K-i-d-s, kids I say! Sabbath-best clothes are excellent, for Sabbath but- but for the entire week you need neon green or neon yellow t-shirts and jeans coz its going to be wild! Real wild! Kids should always be kids!
  • Youths: you are not exempt either. Afternoon activities will push you to the limit and we will keep you on your toes! However, local management want you to bring the right gym shoes- the type that will not leave marks on the gym floor.  We shall give you more details shortly.
  • Positively no alligators at eagle rock! I mean swimwear! You will need it in as much as you will need gym shoes, hiking shoes etc. Just to realize your youth and exercise you off those "terrible" gizmos! Just check out the program and see how its packed with fun activities! Check, Check it o-u-t!